Home Groups

These are small gatherings of six to fifteen people that gather in homes on different days throughout the week. The focus of the Home Communities is to “Develop in Community” by getting to know each other, “doing life together”, encouraging each other in our walk with Christ. and with our neighbors. We encourage you to attend a Home Community that is near to where you live (although you are not “required” to do so). This is because people who live in close proximity to each other have more opportunities to spend time together outside the Home Community gathering and, therefore, are more likely to develop deeper relationships with each other. If you are going to attend a Home Community for the first time, we recommend that you contact the Home Community Leader before attending. This is simply for you to make sure that the Home Community is meeting at the designated day, time, and location for that week.

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Our Groups


Name: Northgate Home Community

Location: 9440 N Wall Ave., Portland, 97203

Day/Time: Wednesday, 6 pm - Currently meeting virtually.

Leaders: Jim and Danielle Tung

Contact Info: jimtung@gmail.com or 574.621.4926

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Name: Columbia Park Home Community

Location: 8615 N Dwight Ave., Portland, OR 97203

Day/Time: Wednesday, 6:30 pm

Leaders: Josh and Jamie Duncan

Contact Info: jduncan@redseachurch.org or 503.475.7792

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Name: Portsmouth Home Community

Location: 7967 N Courtenay Ave., Portland, OR 97203

Day/Time: Sunday, 7:00pm

Leaders: Will and Kaci Mespelt

Contact Info: wjmespelt@gmail.com or 336.698-5545

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Name: Beaverton Home Community

Location: 16050 SW Autumn Dr., Beaverton OR 97007

Day/Time: Wednesday, 6:00 pm - Currently meeting virtually.

Leaders: Doug and Joanne Fuller

Contact Info: douglasfuller@gmail.com or 503.961.4656

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Name: Vancouver Home Community

Location: 1104 NE 109th St., Vancouver, WA 98685

Day/Time: Wednesday, 6:30pm

Leaders: CJ & Malori Butenschoen

Contact Info: butenscj@gmail.com or 503.348.2534